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Sicily has many museums and all of them have an extraordinary magic, for their location.
Among Sicilian museums for the greatest interest of tourist we can find:


Regional Archaeological Museum, Agrigento

The museum is housed in a complex of buildings which are found across the whole Agrigento region. It exhibits original collection, from the Civic Museum, consisted of numerous items discovered during excavations conducted at the beginning of the 20th century. The collection of Greek Attic pottery is great and you will be impressed by the standing Telamon and the famous Ephebo or Boy of Agrigento.
Address: Contrada San Nicola, Agrigento
Tel: +39 0922 40 15 65

Regional Museum, Messina

The building housing the museum was originally the Barbera-Mellinghoff spinning-mill. It exhibits greatest collection of art and culture in Messina from the 12th to the 18th centuries. The renowned artists of artworks are Antonello da Messina, Girolamo Alibrandi, Polidoro and Caravaggio.
Address: Viale della Libertà 465, Messina
Tel: +39 090 361292

Aeolian Regional Archaeological Museum, Lipari (Messina)

The museum building stands on the great rock known as Lipari Castle and it is housed in several buildings located in the Castle area. The museum illustrates the history and the characteristics of the presence of man in the Aeolian Archipelago from the last centuries of the 5th millennium BC to the medieval period. Among its many exhibits are a stupendous collection of ancient vases and a trove of theatrical masks unearthed from tombs.
Address: Via del Castello, Lipari
Tel: +39 090 9880174

Palazzo Abatellis Sicilian Regional Gallery, Palermo

The museum is housed in the Gothic-Catalan architecture building - Palace Abatellis. It became the National (now Regional) Gallery in 1953-1954. The Gallery exhibits many paintings and sculptures of western Sicily from the 12th to the 18th centuries. Its great fresco "The Triumph of Death" (mid-15th c.) are among the most impressive masterpieces in the south of Italy.
Address: Via Alloro 4, Palermo
Tel: +39 091 6230006

Regional Archaeological Museum A. Salinas, Palermo

The museum is housed in the building of the San Filippo Neri Congregation and it is part of the monumental complex of the "Olivella". It became the site of the National Museum in 1866. The museum exhibits the various artistic periods and civilizations in western Sicily from prehistory to the late Roman period. The treasures from the archaeological excavations of city Selinunte are really worth to see.
Address: Piazza Olivella 24, Palermo
Tel: +39 091 61 16 805


Regional Archaeological Museum Paolo Orsi, Syracuse

The museum is housed in a modern structure and is dedicated to the famous archaeologist -  Paolo Orsi. In the museum is possible to discover the prehistory and the history of nearly all the main archaeological sites in central and eastern Sicily, until the end of classical period. The funerary statue from the digs of Megara Hyblaea, showrooms dedicated to the Greek colonization of Sicily are really interesting.
Address: Viale Teocrito 66, Siracusa
Tel : +39 0931 464022

Palazzo Bellomo Regional Gallery, Syracuse

The Museum of Palazzo Bellomo is in the area of Ortigia, historical center in Syracuse. The gallery illustrates the development of painting and decorative art in Syracuse and Southeast Sicily. Among the collections exhibited in the museum it is worth to see the two sarcophagus of the Governors of the Chamber Reginale; as well "The Burial of St. Lucia", by Caravaggio.
Address: Via Capodieci 16, Syracuse
Tel: +39 0931 69511

Regional Museum Agostino Pepoli, Trapani

The museum is located on the outskirts of the town in the ancient Borgo Annunziata and it’s housed in a 14th c. Carmelite Convent. The museum illustrates with its collections of paintings and sculptures the development of the decorative art in the territory of Trapani and in particular that of applied art, which was very important in the field of coral objects, majolica, gold, silver, and cribs. Between 1300 items in the museum we can find: "Enthroned Madonna with Angels", "Enthroned Madonna and Child", "Polyptych", "San Giacomo Maggiore".
Address: Via Conte Pepoli 200, Trapani
Tel: +39 0923 553269

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