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Taormina is located in the province of Messina. The Greek Theatre of Taormina, also known as "Old Theatre", is among the most fascinating archaeological heritage of Sicily. Built by the Greeks probably in the 3rd century BC, later rebuilt and enlarged in Roman times in the 2nd century AD. Despite the numerous devastations suffered during the invasion of the Arabs, the Greek Theatre is  still in good condition. Second in size, after the Theatre of Syracuse, the Greek Theatre of Taormina is surely one of the most impressive examples of Greek architecture in Sicily. The structure is divided into three parts: the stage, orchestra and auditorium. The most important part is the scene, the place of performances in front of the auditorium. Today it still has the original structure and shows the remains of Corinthian columns. The remains of two rooms on the sides represent the artists dressing rooms and storage for the elements of the scene. The roof, which still exists, was made up of terraces. The theatre is now a landmark of great prestige for the town of Taormina and Sicily and home to major film events such as the David di Donatello and artistic works such as Taormina Arte. Perfect acoustic and beautiful Ionian coast, in the background of the scene, make the theatre a place of harmony with the surrounding environment.


Tindari is a small coastal town situated on a rocky hill and contains the remnants of an ancient Greek site Tyndaris from 396 BC. Its name, Tyndaris, was attributed to the town in honour of Tyndareus, king of Sparta. It was invaded by the Carthaginians in 264 BC and rebuilt by the Romans ten years later. During the excavations Roman mosaics, sculptures and ceramics were found, which are now displayed in the local museum. In these days still stands a Greek theatre, Roman houses, public spa and the remains of the fortifications. Near the town there is the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna. It has been venerated since Byzantine times, and in the 60′s of 20th century her statue was placed in this sanctuary. Today the Greek theatre of Tindari is the seat of musical shows and theatrical events during summertime.

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