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The town was founded in the pre-Hellenic age by the Elimi, a population of uncertain origin, probably oriental. It soon took on major importance, both economically and because of its strategic position between the Punic towns on the northern and western coasts. It was the eternal enemy of Selinunte, against which in 409 B.C. it called for the help of the Carthaginians, who razed Selinunte to the ground. The destruction of Selinunte marked once and for all the entry of Segesta into the Punic orbit, but this had no inf1uence on the customs of the people that, on the contrary, became more and more Hellenistic. Under the Romans, the town was well treated, thanks to a “blood relationship” supposed to exist between the two peoples, but nevertheless it declined, and its name was quite forgotten.
So far little of it has been excavated, though diggings have already brought to light the first vestiges of the ancient dwellings. Two monuments have also been brought to light: the theatre and the temple.

The theatre, founded in the fifth century at the top of Monte Barbaro, in a very picturesque position, was rebuilt in the Hellenistic age and now has the look dating from that period. The pit has a diameter of 63 m. and is well preserved, while of the stage there only remain the lower structures. The theatre is used for international performances especially poetry, reading, ballet and ancient tragedies.
The temple is probably the main building of a suburban shrine which is still unexplored. Also built in the fifth century, it is a six column per row peripteral building. It is unfinished; the grooves were not made in the columns, and there is no trace of a roof and a cell. The temple
looms up solitary on a hill in a very charming position, and it is one of the most perfect and best preserved examples of Doric art.


Opening hours: All days from 9:00 to 19:00 (ticket office closes one hour before)
Ticket: full price - € 6,00; Reduced price - € 3,00 (for youth 18-25y. and teachers); Free entrance – EU citizens over 65y. and under 18y.
Shuttle tickets for the theatre (optional, not included in the ticket price): € 1.50 go / return
  NOTE: the theatre is almost 3 km uphill from the entrance of the archaeological park, so for those unwilling to reach on foot or for those who do not have enough time available, the shuttle service is available inside. You can not enter to the archaeological site with private vehicles or buses.
Ticket office: 0924 952356


By car: along the highway Palermo-Trapani (A 29) take the exit - Segesta

Via Marina Petrolo 16, Castellammare Del Golfo (TP)
0924 31020

Via Libertà 171 , Palermo
091 304106
Via A. Staiti 13, Trapani
0923 21956

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