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If you think about vacation in Sicily first thoughts are about its sublime beaches and a wealth of landmarks and
monuments. But an alternative way to admire Sicily could be through the shopping. There are huge variety of
things, which are worth to buy:  jewellery, handicrafts, ceramics, antiques, sweets, wines, olive oil
and of course clothing.


Coral jewellery is very popular throughout Sicily. Its colour is distinctive - a rich hue that's somewhere between red, orange and pink. Coral is especially found in Trapani and Cefalù, but coral of Sciacca is particularly precious and valuated. You’ll also find shops in Palermo, Catania, Taormina, Syracuse and Messina, where the precious coral is mingled with gold, silver, copper, enamels, pearls, agates…


The deepest spirit is found in the objects of Sicilian handicraft: fancy, taste, with inspiration coming from centuries of culture. The characteristic rugs woven on ancient looms are produced in the area of Trapani. The typical product is la tappita, a popular rug made with strips of coloured material. The patterns of these rugs are characterised by vibrantly coloured geometric figures. Wrought iron is found in the wheels of Sicilian carts and with elegance refines everyday objects such as lamps, flower pots, garden chairs and tables. Carts are painted with scenes from Sicilian history and folklore as well as intricate geometrical designs. Its cart-edges painted with red, green and blue colours are really wonderful. Today, Sicilian cart became a symbol of Sicily and it is still being used to keep alive the Sicilian’s traditions and folklore. Some “pieces” of the old carts can still be found in antique shops. Since the mid-nineteenth century to the present day is still alive the traditional manufacturing of the "puppets". The families that make these marionettes have passed along the art from one generation to the next. The puppets are made of wood or metal and dressed with precious clothing. Traditional puppet shows are one of this island region’s key cultural attractions, enticing international travellers and Italian visitors alike. Sicilian handicraft offers many other objects like pottery made in Caltagirone, Santo Stefano di Camastra, Sciacca and other villages. Such pottery originates from ancient civilization, and adorns, not only the facades of Churches and palaces, but also offers suggestions in creating kitchen and table utensils.


Sicily is especially famous for olive oil. It has been a part of Mediterranean life for over 3000 years. The olive harvest begins in late autumn when the olives are ripe but still green. They are picked  absolutely by hand or shaking the tree branches to make the olives fall. This is a very characteristic scene that brings back to ancient times. All Sicilian oils are aromatic and appealing. So, if you want to make excellent gift for your family or friends, "Green Gold of Sicily" is everything what you need.


When you are shopping in Sicily, you can’t notice Sicilian sweets. They are known all over the world. They are of the highest quality, rich in colour and elaborately designed, and every province keep its own tradition. "Cannoli" - famous pastry tubes filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta. "Frutta di Martorana" also called "royal pasta " are almond marzipan pastries coloured and shaped to resemble real fruit. The Martorana fruit takes its name from the old Norman Style Convent of the Martorana in Palermo. Other typical deserts of Sicily are cassata, granita, almond pastries.


Sicilian wine is regarded as one of the best wines in the world. Its climate, sun, rocky soil, little rainfall is perfect for making the extraordinary wines - from the traditional strong wines to the new, modern, fresh and fruity wines. Both truly express the extremely varied Sicilian landscape. If you happen to travel to the island around November 11th, the day dedicated by the catholic church to Saint Martin, look for signs announcing the local Festa del Vino or "Festival of the Wine". It is believed that on this date the new wine is ready for consumption, hence is saying: "Il giorno di San Martino il mosto diventa vino" or "On Saint Martin's Day the grape juice becomes wine". More about Sicilian wines here


There are many other shops in Sicily, including some that carry hand made clothing and papyrus. Shopping in Sicily is always a great experience, even when you’re “just looking”.

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