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Sicily is characterized by an important hydrothermal and mineral heritage, due to the particular composition of its soil. Spa centres are located in a privileged position above the sea, so visitors can enjoy the beauty of environmental contexts and, what is more, they can visit monuments that are close to the centres.


Terme di Vulcano (Aeolian Islands)

The activities and hot springs of Island Volcano is a phenomenon unique. Terme di Vulcano are found under open sky. The Waters, between 40 and 80 °C, flow directly into the sea and on the beach. Hyperthermal, sulfuric bromide and iodide salted waters are efficient to heal arthro-rheumatic, skin pathologies and nervous system. In the sludge, that springs from the earth, is possible to submerge all year. Traditional baths, mud baths and inhalations are treatments that are as well integrated to a modern spa.


Terme di Sciacca (Agrigento province)

In Sciacca there are different thermal resources among which there are the famous caves or stoves. Inside these caves the atmosphere is filled with water vapour that reaches almost 40°. Thermal steam cave therapy is efficient to heal arthrosis, inflammatory diseases of superior breathing ways. Among different kinds of waters that can be found in the area we have to highlight sulphurous water whose presence in the Valle dei Bagni allows visitors to follow a mud therapy or sulphurous water vapours inhalation which may heal inflammatory diseases of superior breathing ways like bronchial asthma, pulmonary emphysema, rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis and otitis. Spas of Sciacca are four: Nuove Terme, Swimming Pools of Molinelli, Stoves of S. Calogero and, as already mentioned, Antiche Terme in Valle dei Bagni.


Terme di Acireale (Catania province)

Acireale has ancient origins, its roots are connected to Greek mythology. The source from which flow the waters is the source of S. Venera al Pozzo. Bromide and iodide, sulphurous, hypothermal (22°C), salted waters of this spa are quite unusual, they have a volcanic origin. Sulphurous muds are useful in healing rheumatic, skin diseases, respiratory diseases. As well Terme di Acireale is used for beauty treatments. The marvellous coast of the Cyclops, cultural events and its folklore make Acireale even more a pleasant place to visit.


Terme Termini Imerese (Palermo province)

The name derives from the presence of Termini Imerese thermal springs, in fact its original name in Latin was Thermae Himeraeae, which makes understand how these springs were known and used since ancients times. The thermal waters of Termini Imerese are of volcanic origin and flow at      43 °C. Many spa services include: bathrooms, mud bath therapy, saunas and steam cave, inhalations, physiotherapy, irrigation. These waters and their treatments are suitable for treatment of rheumatic diseases, dermatological, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Terme Gorga in Calatafimi Segesta (Trapani province)

The structure is located in Gorga, near the archaeological site of Segesta, and a few km from the Terme Segestane. Thermal waters of Gorga spring flow to a natural basin made of clay, with a constant temperature of 51° C. Alkaline-sulphurous waters and mud flow through a channel of    300m, once they reach the structure clay is added. The treatments provided are: mud baths, inhalations, aerosol, insufflations, anti-stress treatments.


Terme Segestane in Castellammare del Golfo (Trapani province)

The Terme Segestane are located in Castellamare del Golfo. Its hyperthermal waters  spring at 44°C. Inside the thermal structure there are two thermal swimming pools  and cave with a real natural sauna. Among different therapies provided are: mud, caves, massage, hydromassage, aerosol and inhalation therapy. Also it is possible to treat skin diseases and respiratory systems.  

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